About Eximbox


Eximbox is world's best marketplace for Manufacturers , Wholesalers and Retailers .


How do manufacturers benefit from eximbox :

We at eximbox , pursue to provide manufacturers with direct access to sell your products around the world to retailers and wholesalers , thereby giving your products  worldwide reach , at the comfort of your office desk . With zero marketing efforts, your access to world markets becomes a reality . All this, for FREE .

Increase Sales worldwide with No Branch Offices , No Stockists , No Warehousing , No Monthly Subscription charges and No Advertisement spend . Only through Eximbox. And the best of all is YOU PAY ONLY WHEN YOU SELL on Eximbox .



How do Retailers and Wholesalers benefit from eximbox :

You, as retailers and wholesalers, get access to products from across the globe at the touch of a button . A huge variety products from across the world at factory prices . BUY direct from manufacturers .

NO middlemen , NO Paperwork and NO Large Orders required . All products available with LOW MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY, sent directly to you . With Easy Returns policy .

Eximbox consolidates orders from Wholesalers and retailers, thereby passing on large volume order to manufacturers. The benefits of large volume discounts are passed onto the Wholesale Buyers.



To all of you, from all of us at eximbox  - Thank you and happy shopping !!


Aloysius R - CEO