Eximbox is creating the world's best marketplace for sourcing of products for small businesses, home businesses, retailers and wholesalers , directly from manufacturers, from across the globe . You can access millions of products from directly from manufacturers, with Low Minimum Order Quantity and at very low prices

Buying through Eximbox, saves you a lot of money and time . We make your buying more secure through our Buyer Protection Program , wherein your money is kept in escrow account till the product is delivered to you . You have easy recourse, in the event of product being returned due to unforseen reasons . You may read through our Buyer Protection FAQ for more details .

We're committed to creating the Web's best business sourcing marketplace. That's why we make it easier and more secure to buy on Eximbox.  


We have compiled a few of our top safety tips to help you get started quickly and confidently.


Minimum Order Quantity :

Products have a Minimum Order Quantity prescribed by the Manufacturers for each of their products . Products quantities may be mentioned in Nos, Sets, Boxes, Kgs, Tons, etc...

Products Incremental Buy : Order for some products may be placed in multiples of X , say in multiples of 2nos or 1dozen or 24nos. Please check before placing an order .


Minimum Order Amount :

Minimum Order Amount is the minimum amount acceptable to the Seller for processing your order . You can meet this Minimum Order Amount criteria by buying various other products from the same manufacturer .These other products of the same manufacturer are shown below every product page.   


Checking for Product and Seller Quality:  

Always check a seller's feedback rating and history before doing business with them. New buyers are encouraged to buy from sellers with longer marketplace history (at least 6 months on Eximbox), a high feedback rating (at least 95%) and an active order history (more than 100 transactions). For new and old buyers alike, please take extra precaution when buying from any new seller with little or no track record.

Similar or identical looking products on Eximbox may in reality be produced by different  factories. Therefore, the quality of these products can and will vary by supplier. Take caution when buying a product from a seller that is priced significantly less than comparable products from other sellers. Do your homework, and check your seller for the reason behind any very large price differences.

When unsure about a product's quality, buy a smaller quantity from your seller first before placing a larger order.


Product Import Restrictions : 

Please check for import regulations relating to products, which you intend to purchase online . Some countries have regulations regarding food, alcohol, medicines,tobacco products and other items. The Seller is not liable for such import restrictions. Any product held by Customs, due to such restrictions and regulations, are Buyer's sole responsibility . Product returns, due to such restrictions will not be accepted and will not be eligible for refunds.


When communicating with sellers :

Please conduct all communication with sellers only through Eximbox's official communication tools (which includes onsite messaging ). These tools automatically record your entire correspondence history with your seller, and our customer service team will refer to this when helping you to resolve a potential refund request or dispute involving your order in the future.


When placing an order :

Pay attention to the unit format for the products you are placing orders for. Products on Eximbox are listed as being sold in either in nos or lots or Sets or in Weight (which one is determined by the seller). 

Please always check your shipping address for errors before completing your orders. This extra step can prevent a lot of unnecessary delay and inconvenience down the road.


Shipping and Taxes :

Shipping is charged as extra unless or otherwise specified by the Seller . Shipping will be charged at the time of checkout . Shipping method is normally airfreight unless or otherwise specified . Product weights above 500kgs, will normally be sent by Ocean Freight . Customs duties and charges relating to customs clearance will have to be borne by the Buyer . Customs duty will not be paid by the Seller . The shipping agent will collect from you, any duties and charges so paid , on your behalf,  at the time of delivery .


When making a payment :

In general, making payments on Eximbox is simple, secure and straightforward. However when paying by either offline bank transfer or Western Union, some additional steps are required. For offline bank transfers, you must include a reference to your Eximbox ID and order number on your bank payment form.  This helps us link your payment to your order more quickly. For Western Union payments, please remember to enter your MTCN number in the final stage of the payment process. If you fail do so, your payment will be considered incomplete and we will be unable to process your order.


When receiving your product :

As part of our buyer protection's built-in escrow feature, Eximbox will not transfer your payment to the seller until after you have received your order and  delivery has been confirmed . Please remember to always inspect your package first for damage and to ensure its contents are correct . If you detect any problem with your product upon arrival, you should immediately notify your seller and Eximbox's customer service for further assistance.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Eximbox's Buyer Protection program is subject to our site's Terms of Use and Registration Agreement.

The official rules will govern in the event of any conflict between our Buyer Protection policy and our Terms of Use and Registration Agreement.