Sellers Guide

The Sellers guide is to enable sellers to follow some basic guidance for selling

products on the Eximbox platform.


Profile :

1. Complete your profile information and keep them upto date .

2. Please provide proper contact information and account information for quick and smooth transactions


Product Information :

1. Please provide genuine and complete product information .

2. Product photo must have plain / white background .

    Product photo should be of 800 X 800 less than 150kb in size .

3. Do not photoshop colors of the products. Color variations will result in returns of products .

4. Products must be presented aesthetically. Please keep in mind buyer experience when displaying 

    products. Product presentation must appeal to buyers .

5. Do not misrepresent your products .

6. Counterfeit  products and fakes  are not permitted in our platform.


Minimum Order Amount :

1. Eximbox allows you to sell your products with Minimum Order Quantity per model (SKU).

    e.g : 1set of shoes ( sizes 6,7,8,9 ) or 10nos per model of wallets .

    Please keep Minimum Order Quantity at lower levels to enable more retailers to purchase your products.


2. You can also set a Minimum Order Amount  per order . (for e.g : if the Minimum Order Amount is set at US$ 200 / per order,

    the buyer has to order products worth $200 from you. For order amount below $200, the buyer will not be to place the order.)


3. Please keep Minimum Order Amount at lower levels to enable more retailers to purchase your products .

    ( MOA of US$200 / buyer  X  200 buyers/month  = US$40,000 per month )


Product Packaging :

1. Packaging should be as per International Norms .

2. Please ensure proper packaging of items .

3. Improper packaging will lead to damage of goods during transit, will be liable for returns .


Export Insurance :

1. All goods despatched should be covered by insurance .

2. Insurance Cover to include damage of goods in transit.

3. Damaged goods are eligible for refund to Buyers.

4. Shipping charges for product returns will be borne by the Seller .


Product Returns :

    Products of dubious quality may be returned by customers. The monies paid by the customer will be refunded .

    Returns Shipping, if any,  will be borne by the Seller. 


Shipping Charges :

1. Eximbox platform shipping charges will apply for all orders placed.

2. Please use EMS, Fedex or DHL Express for Air Shipments.

    For weights above 100kgs, Ocean shipping charges will apply.

3. For Ocean Shipping, please use Eximbox approved Freight Forwarders with shipment tracking facility.


Referral Fee :

    Eximbox charges a referral fee for every item sold through its site.( Please refer Fees and Pricing )


Currency Conversion :

    Currency Conversion charges will apply for all transactions. Range between 2- 5% .


Payment Gateway Charges :

    Payment gateway charges will be applicable for all transactions. Depending on the gateway,

    Charges may vary between 3.5% - 5%


Chargebacks and Penalties :

    In the event of Chargeback by customer, Eximbox will ascertain the reasons leading to the chargeback by customer,

    and if found genuine, will initiate refund of monies paid by the customer. The same will be deducted from the Seller account .

    All fees and penalities with regards to the chargeback will be borne by the Seller. 



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