Eximbox is world's best marketplace for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers .


How do Manufacturers benefit from Eximbox :


 We at Eximbox, pursue to provide manufacturers with direct access to sell your products around the world

directly to Retailers and Wholesalers, thereby giving your products  worldwide reach, at the comfort of your office desk.

With zero marketing efforts, your access to world markets becomes a reality. All this, for FREE .


Increase Sales worldwide with No Branch Offices, No Stockists, No Warehousing, No Monthly Subscription charges

and No Advertisement spend. Only through Eximbox.


And the best of all is YOU PAY ONLY WHEN YOU SELL on Eximbox .



Selling on Eximbox


Reach millions of Retailers / Wholesalers / Small Businesses worldwide

Selling on eximbox helps you expand your business worldwide and gain access to newer markets.  

You can list an unlimited number of products and gain access to eximbox’s investment in technology,

logistics and a secure payment infrastructure.


Additionally, you will have access to list your products on eximbox, manage your account, and access reports .


Key Benefits of Selling on eximbox


  •  -  Expand your business across the world
  •  -  Offer a shopping experience to business customers worldwide
  •  -  Expose your products to millions of retailers and wholesalers around the world
  •  -  Secure and Timely Payments
  •  -  No Product Listing Fees. You pay, only when you sell
  •  -  No upfront costs of creating a website or setting up a physical store
  •  -  Access to world class  marketing Services
  •  -  Access to Support Services to help you create high impact listings


More on Accounts :

As a seller you are provided a Seller Account  and a Buyer Account .

You may use your User Id and Password for  login into both the accounts .

Your Seller account gives access to your seller dashboard , orders, payments, invoices and despatches .

Your Buyer account gives access to buy raw materials, in process materials from other sellers on eximbox .


Sellers Guide  : 

A general guide about what retailers expect to see on eximbox . A guide to selling to overseas clients. Helping you

understand the needs and necessities to be followed while meeting retailers requirements. For more detailed read, go to Sellers Guide .


Fees and Pricing  : 


For detailed list on the Referral Fees, refer our FEES and Pricing .


For In-site Product Promotions & Advertisements and Participation in Overseas Trade Fairs at Very Low Prices, refer our 

Banner Ads Section.


Sellers are requested to go through the  Anti Counterfeiting policy, Eximbox strongly discourages counterfeiting of goods,

may result in deletion of seller account.


Please go through the  User Agreement and Registration Agreement for any clarifications, you may have .


To Register with Eximbox as a Seller, please click here to SIGN UP AS SELLER .